Recommended ages 4+


Our kids tutorials are a fun way for the kids to practice and perfect routines outside of classes! We have lots of fun routines taught by our studio's favourite kids teachers! ​

Recommended Ages: 9+/Teen/Adult  


Aimed at newer students these tutorials are slower based routines broken down into small, slower segments and are at a manageable pace. Perfectly suited for those starting out on hip-hop, the relaxed tempo will allow you to learn hip-hop moves and learn more about the genre. At the end of the tutorial, you will be able to take it slow or choose a faster-paced song.​

Recommended ages 9+/Teen/Adult


Intermediate tutorials are for those who have had some hip-hop experience and are after a challenge. Tutorials are broken down at an intermediate pace and moves are faster. At the end of the tutorial, you are able to choose between a slower and faster song or work your way up. Generally, intermediate tutorials are Jnrhoodz, SDS Crew, or Superhoodz routines, and are a great way to test your progress and fast-track your way into our elite crew.