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Street Dance Studios

25 Enterprise Way, Mitcham, 3132, Vic Australia​


What is SDS Extra?

SDS Extra is the online home of Street Dance Studios. Learn some of our most popular routines taught from inside our studio right here online.  

Is there an age recommendation?

Intermediate is recommended 9yrs+ Adults

How can SDS Extra help me Level Up?

SDS Extra is a study tool for those participating in the Level Up. It has ALL the grooves moves students will be tested on (shhh…. Now you can cheat and find out what’s being tested and how to do it). It’s also helpful to practice learning, remembering and performing routines - another element to Level Up Grading.

What’s the difference between grooves and routines?

Grooves is a series of foundation moves on which routines are based. SDS Extra breaks down those moves so you can learn the correct technique.

Routines are a full series of movements and grooves put together to make a complete dance.

How much does it cost?

Casual LIVE stream rates

  • $5.00 per live class  

Monthly Subscription to access all LIVE stream classes

  • $49.95 per month   

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