About Us


Hello, and welcome! SDS Extra is the brain-child of both Kat and Troy, directors of Street Dance Studios. In a nutshell, we've set up an entirely new platform for all of our students, eliminating the barriers of having to go to come to our physical location. You can now learn any time, anywhere!


If you'd like to check out our incredible studio, click the button below.

Where'd the idea come from? 


Whats a 'Jnrhoodz' you may ask? Well, 'they' are an energetic and strong hip-hop crew from Street Dance Studios. Ranging from ages 11-14, they are currently training under Street Dance Studios directors Troy and Kat, learning routines at an intermediate adult level. They have extensive performance experience and have danced at events such as Big Bash League with an audience of 45,000+ people, QV Shop the City experience, Entertainment for WMBL and SEABL, Docklands District Makers Market and many local festivals and fetes.